Electrical Assessment in Agua Fria

If you are concerned about something going wrong with the wiring in your property, don’t wait before reaching out. Maybe you hear strange noises, or perhaps you are simply in an older house, and you are looking to sell. No matter what the situation is, everyone can benefit from a regular electrical assessment at the first sign that there might be a safety issue.

Enlightening Electric, LLC stands behind their electric assessment services and always use a keen attention to detail when working in your home. We are always happy to help you find peace of mind by assessing your electrical systems

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Enlightening Electric, LLC’s Electrical Assessment Process

Our technicians make every effort to ensure that your home and business is safe and sound so that you can find peace of mind with regards to your overall safety.

Some things we address during an assessment include:

  • Compliance
  • Codes
  • Permits
  • Safety
  • Testing
  • Education
  • Recommendations

When we complete the assessment process, we will write up a complete report detailing what was covered as well as what we need to do in the future.

Unmatched Electrical Assessment Services

We are a top-rated electrical assessment company for a few reasons. Firstly, we do a complete assessment with any visit. This means that, no matter what you call us about, we will take care of your entire property as part of our routine.

After that, we will be sure to educate you and clarify what you need with regards to safety, repairs, and installments.

Finally, because we’re 100% committed to transparency, we will make honest recommendations on what needs improvement, but never upsell or push you towards purchasing extra services.

Comprehensive Electrical Safety Assessment Reports

Our jobs are essential, and any slight problem that we don’t notice could put our clients’ properties at risk. That’s why we are so careful and thorough with our assessments, and explain to you the overall health and safety of your building We can also make recommendations on what steps to take should you need any updates or repairs.

If you’re ready to get started we invite you to contact us directly.

Why Would You Need an Electrician Assessment?

You will need to hire a trusted local electrician if you are in the process of buying or selling property. You may also want to get routine assessments on your home or business to ensure that it meets expected regulations and codes. An electrician assessment guarantees that the dwelling or business is set up correctly and that there are no safety hazards.

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Don’t wait to get an official electrical assessment for your home or business. Our experts are just around the corner, and they are ready to help you confirm that your space is in good working order. They’ll make the necessary recommendations on repairs if need be.

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